Travel Teams will play in 7-10 tournament weekends during the season. Travel teams play at least two weekends a month usually a tournament in the State of Oklahoma and one out of state.  During the months of Jan and Feb there could be up to three tournaments a month, two in state and one out of state.  The tournaments out of state are usually three day tournaments which normally fall on a holiday weekend in Jan and Feb so missing school is not needed.  When we roll into Qualifier season, March and April, the kids may miss up to two days of school per tournament depending on travel schedules.  The Adidas National will play in two qualifiers a season and the Adidas teams will play in one.  Both the National and Adidas team can add an additional qualifier for a price if the parents/kids agree. The travel team goal is to participate in post season play attending AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL or USAV Nationals at the designated site for the year in June.
Uniforms for these teams will consist of:  3 game jerseys, 2 practice tees, spandex, sweat top and bottom, warm up shirt, kneepads, and socks. (11’s and 12’s will also receive a backpack)

To review the updated age definitions for the 2020-2021 season click here.

11 & Under

11 Adidas National

12 & Under

12 Adidas National

12 Adidas

13 & Under

13 Adidas National

13 Adidas

14 & Under

14 Adidas National

14 Adidas

15 & Under

15 Adidas National

15 Adidas

16 & Under

16 Adidas National

16 Adidas

17 & Under

17 Adidas National

17 Adidas